Combinable versions

The A-JET line was designed as modular, to allow the user the ability to transform the machine at any time. In particular, on the same indestructible steel frame body you can apply:
-at the top:
-at the bottom:


Mist cannons ideal for large size areas like waste disposal centres, quarries and production plants. Great mist flow rate with limited electrical power consumption.

The A-JET65S requires a 400 V power supply with a consumption of 11 kW (version without pump) or 15 kW (version with pump).

The A-JET65S is able to cover a work site equal to 13300 m2 at 360°. The 156 nozzles in stainless steel, supplied by a pump that has a 7.2 m3/h flow rate, at a working pressure of 8.5 bar, guarantee perfect misting that, mixed with an air flow rate of 30,000 m3/h at a speed of 38 m/s, ensure a range of 65 m.

Depending on the requirements at the construction site, the A-JET65S can be transformed at any time into the version: 2.7 m column, 5.7 m arm, wall-mounted shelves, stabilisers, concrete base, trolley, trolley with generator, tracked undercarriage.

Gemmo FOG CANNONS can be used to:

  • Dust suppression in manufacturing plants, steel mills, quarries, waste collection centres, tunnel, scrap yards, sorting and grinding facilities, and loading plants in ports.
  • Odour suppression in landfills, sewage, farms, cheese factories, refineries, manufacturing plants, water treatment plants, composting, sorting, grinding, separation, recycling and reclamation areas.
  • High temperatures suppression in manufacturing plants, steel mills, fire safety in tunnels, theme parks, events and concerts

The machines were designed to be used with water containing no impurities, chemical substances and other dirt. They are, in any case, equipped with a filter with a filtration degree of 100 microns.


Total weight: (shown only offers based on the machine version chosen) Kg /
Cannon powder coating, base, guard and Generator (optional) RAL 5002
Powder coating of all the parts not mentioned in the previous line RAL 9006
Cannon rotation ° 360
Rotation speed °/s 7,2
Cannon sight ° -15+50
Maximum trailer speed km/h 20
Maximum trailer tyre pressure bar 2
Operating temperature range °C -10÷40
Max. operating humidity % 95
Machine levelling ° 1
Average sound pressure level (low/high column) LpAm dB(A) 96/93
Acoustic power level (low/high column) LwA dB(A) 116/115
Jet distance m 65
Jet cover m2 13300
Average air speed m/s 38
Air flow m3/h 30000
Maximum pump capacity m3/h 8,50
Operating capacity m3/h 7,2
Minimum circuit pressure bar 6
Operating pressure bar 8,5
Maximum circuit pressure bar 22
Setting the pressure reducer bar 7
Rear nozzles (fan side) 52
Rear nozzle angle (fan side) ° 30
Rear nozzle nominal capacity (fan side) GPH 15
Central nozzles 52
Central nozzle angle ° 30
Central nozzle nominal capacity GPH 10
Front nozzles 52
Front nozzle angle ° 30
Front nozzle nominal capacity GPH 5
Filter filtration grade micron 100
Pump capacity/rpm 1450 rpm l/min 0,65 / 1,4
Maximum pump pressure bar 150/200
Hydraulic motor displacement cm3 100
Gear unit reduction ratio i 5,25
Hydraulic oil tank capacity l 12
4-pole outlet + earth 380 V A 32
Power absorbed with water pump kW 15
Power absorbed without water pump kW 11
Coil power supply, remote control and functional logic integrated board voltage DC V 24
Crown pre-heating resistance W 1300
Crown heating resistance time min 30
Maximum crown temperature during pre-heating °C 80/100
Maximum temperature on pre-heating completion °C 40/50
Fan electrical motor type AC
Fan electrical motor power kW 11
Fan electrical motor rpm RPM 2850
Fan electrical motor frequency Hz 50
Fan electrical motor power supply voltage V 230/400
Oleodynamic power pack electrical motor type AC
Oleodynamic power pack electrical motor power kW 0,25 / 0,55
Oleodynamic power pack electrical motor RPM RPM 1450
Oleodynamic power pack electrical motor frequency Hz 50
Oleodynamic power pack electrical motor power supply voltage V 230/400
Water pump electrical motor type AC
Water pump electrical motor power kW 4
Water pump electrical motor rpm RPM 2900
Water pump electrical motor frequency Hz 50
Water pump electrical motor power supply voltage V 230/400
Machine protection grade IP 55

Technical features may be changed by the manufacturer with no prior notice.